Magnolia Wreath

How was your weekend? We had our first snow of the season yesterday followed by an ice storm. So school is out. Enough said! Before I forget today is the last day to enter the $50 Michael Dexter Design wall art giveaway, so if you missed the post do check it out.

I have one more wreath for you, this time made with the magnolia leaves I gathered from my cousin’s yard at Thanksgiving.

Magnolia Wreath

I was inspired  by Pottery Barn’s live magnolia and fir wreath. Not too bad of a knock off attempt with the little leaves I had?


12″ Styrofoam wreath frame – Walmart ($4)

Floral wire – Walmart ($1.47)

Magnolia Leaves – from my cousin’s

Fir sprigs (not shown) – from my yard

Burlap Ribbon to hang – Already had from this project

Craft scissors

Total : $5.47

Magnolia Wreath


  • If the leaves are dusty clean them with a wet paper towel or baby oil. I had picked mine after a 2 day rain storm. So they were pretty clean.
  • Group your leaves in three and tie into a bunch with a long piece of floral wire. See pic below.
  • For the next bunch, turn the middle leaf so that the backside faces you. This way you will get to see both the green and brown sides of the leaves.
  • With the excess of the floral wire tie the bunch down onto the frame.
  • Tie down the second bunch over the first one so that the leaf stems are covered well. I worked in an clockwise direction ‘coz that was what I was comfortable with.

Magnolia Wreath

  • Repeat till you cover all of the wreath. Now you’ll end up with a ring of leaves with the inward side of the Styrofoam still showing.

Magnolia Wreath

  • To cover this part up, remove the stem from the rest of the leaves. Bend a small piece of wire into a ‘U’ (hook) shape.

Magnolia Wreath

  • Place the leaf on the wreath and press down the U pin firmly into the foam. Repeat till you cover up the whole frame. You could use the U wire to hold down the other leaves too in case they become loose.
  • Add in a few springs of fir; I just poked them into the frame. You could use the U wire idea here too.
  • Hang it with a burlap ribbon and that’s it!

Magnolia Wreath

An evening shot of the same wreath over our patio door.

Magnolia Wreath

All for under $6! The wreath stays fresh for about a week after which the leaves start drying eventually turning into a brown color. You could keep the brown leaves as is or discard and reuse the frame.

Do you add fresh greenery to your home around the holidays too?

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