How to Paint a Chair with Regular Paint

You saw the reveal yesterday now for the dumb down on how to paint a chair.

Tutorial on How to paint a chair with regular wall paint

Project Numero Uno: Painting

But first some background. While the cane on both the chairs was very brittle and dry, on one of them it was starting to break in 2 places. This gave me nightmares about sanding and re-staining. Hence the easy way out; painting. As usual I would have picked the path of least resistance and opted for chalk paint ( no priming) had I found something in Navy. But that was not to be. Took the traditional route instead; sanding, priming, painting, and sealing.

The verdict: I like it enough to become a spokesperson for Kilz! That is the only thing in this world you need to boost up your painting confidence. Yes, you can painting anything, literally anything with Kilzย in hand!

To nail it in we started with these dark stain chairs.

antique cane chair makeover, how to paint a chair

After stripping out the cushions and de-stapling (that needs to be a word, people). Even armed with my trusty staple remover, it took us hours and hours of pulling staples out to get to this stage.

cane chair makeover, how to paint a cane chair

A quick sanding with a fine grit sand paper later we ended up here;

how to paint a cane chair

Then the star made his shining entry.

kilz primer

And voila, my chairs were transformed with a rough coat of white. They could now take on anything I threw at them!

cane chair makeover, priming a cane chair, how to paint a cane chair

For the actual paint color I picked Behr Rainstorm and used 2 tester size bottles in all for the 2 chairs.

Behr Rain Storm

You can see the difference paint makes in the picture below.

How to Paint a Cane Chair, painting a cane back chair

Painting the cane took some patience. The key things to watch out for;

  • Might take at least 4-5 coats on just the cane part.
  • Use a good brush. I use Purdy.
  • Load your brush lightly. The thicker you load your brush the higher your chances of getting globs of paint stick in between the cane. Not a pleasant sight.
  • Wait till the paint dries completely to re-coat.

A close up of the cane during the process.

cane chair makeover 3

I used some left over Minwax Polycrylic ย from my Zebra rug project to seal the paint. It is water based so the sealer won’t yellow over time unlike the oil based sealers.

miniwax polycrylic sealer

And there you have it folks, a painting makeover. I could have just fixed those musty gold cushions back and called it a day. The color even went well with the paint but then that would have been too easy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tutorial on How to paint a chair with regular paint

What do you use when you paint furniture? Are you a Kilz fan too?

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  1. Hi, just wondering, did you sand the cane at all before painting, or was the primer enough to make the paint stick to the caning?