Bird Cage Planter

 how to make a Bird Cage Planter

For all of you who love giving handmade gifts to your friends and family, have you ever had trouble thinking up a gift for someone who also happens to be a crafter? I always end up thinking so hard only to rule out every idea that occurs to me ‘coz it doesn’t measure up. That’s exactly how I felt a few weeks ago when I was pondering over a house warming gift for a dear friend. Nothing I thought of felt like it was the idea, you know the one where you get all excited about the end result and start working on without even taking the ‘before’ pictures? I was in my craft room aka. the basement guest bedroom (which by the way is more like my craft storage dump) rummaging through everything I had looking for inspiration. Maybe a piece of a scrap fabric or those corks or the 2 big packs of bamboo skewers that I’ve stashed away for a rainy day could ignite that spark? I tell ya, if you would’ve listened carefully you could have heard me muttering under my breath, “Oh Lord, something, something speak to me….please!” Sure enough something did speak to me. This purple lady….

Whats Ur Home Story

And I remembered my friend Melissa’s (from the gardening blog Empress of Dirt) bird cage succulent planter. Soon enough off I went to Lowes for some yellow spray paint and flowers and ta da!

Yellow Bird Cage Planter

It is really easy to make and works like any other hanging planter. All you need are;


Bird Cage ( I got it from Ross I think in 2012 for making a chandelier for my closet but that project is going nowhere. All this while it has been sitting my guest bedroom.)
Valspar Yellow Spray Paint + Primer – Lowes
Coconut Liner – Walmart
Plants – Hot Springs Lobelia (white) and Calibrachoa (fuchsia) – I chose these for their trailing habits and smaller sized flowers and leaves. When picking out plants keep the size of your cage in mind as they should be in scale with the cage. 
Potting Soil
Bird Cage Planter diy

See what I said there about being too excited to take the ‘before’ pics? Realized it only when I was prepping to plant!


  • Spray paint the bird cage. Took me 3 -4 coats. Remember when it comes to spray paint light and even coats work best.
  • Let it dry for 2 days.
  • Open the bird cage and place the coconut liner inside so that you’ll have an idea of its size relative to that of the cage.

Bird Cage Planter tutorial

  • In my case the liner was coming up to the top of the cage. So I had to trim it down to about an inch and half above the base. I cut up the extra liner into smaller pieces and placed it inside the cage for added height.

how to make a bird cage planter

  • Plant your plants as you would in a hanging planter. Calibrachoa is a voracious grower and is also known as Petunia on drugs. So I planted just one of those along with the Lobelia. Make sure to leave some room for the plants to grow into.

Bird Cage Planter how to

  • Water the plants slowly aka. misting is ideal. The first few days it is better not set the hose on any of the strong settings.

Bird Cage in the garden

  • Hang it on your porch or garden and enjoy!

Doesn’t she look pretty on my lamp post? Gosh, I want to make one for myself!

Bird Cage Planter diy

I can’t wait to see how it fills out.

Bird Cage Hanging Planter

Oh, and I picked the bright and cheery yellow ‘coz that is the accent color in my friend’s home.

Bird Cage crafts, Bird Cage Planter

Have to show you one more shot of the inside.

Bird Cage new uses

Isn’t she darling? Who wants to make one?

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  1. Beautiful Vidya..:) The Yellow pops out so well with Nature’s Green.Love your photography as always.

  2. I’ve been looking for an old bird cage for the outdoor patio. Michael’s has some but don’t think they are large enough. Maybe check out FreeCycle in my area or Craig’s list.. maybe a yard sale?

  3. You mentioned that it took 3 coats of spray paint; did you use a primer first? I painted my round stepping stones about the color of your birdcage after the landscaping man covered them up with mulch one Fall..I didn’t discover it till Spring came and I realized they were missing..started pulling back the mulch where I thought some of them would be located and sure enough, they blended in with color of mulch he’d put down in late Fall..They were originally a brownish brick color so I can see why he didn’t see them when he was applying the mulch. I have been looking for more of the round stepping stones but haven’t been able to match the existing ones, so I had some 12 in. square brick color pavers in a area by the a/c unit so I bought 3 or 4 around and arranged them like in a diamond position and next week, plan to spray paint them the same color as the bright yellow ones. It is a lot easier to stand on a square then a circle..especially pavers.

    • Betty,
      Yes, I did use a primer but it was black (originally I had plans of turning it into a chandelier). I guess that is why it took 3 coats to cover the black up. Might have been a little more easier had the primer been white. With your stepping stone, just make sure that you buy paint that can work outdoors. I think they mark it as “indoor/outdoor” on the can. Good luck and would love to see your finished space.


  4. Thanks for the paint suggestion. I already have the paint but will go out in the garage and see if it is “indoor/outdoor” paint. I think it is, and if it isn’t, I will use it anyway because I have it..I’ll look at our favorite thrift store for the bird cage too. I remember that they have a suction for pet supplies,etc. that have been donated to them. In your picture, your bird cage looks large..but it could be your wonderful photography skills. Would I be asking too much for you to measure the diameter for me and height. ?(Approximate measurements)

  5. Hi Vidya I loved your idea. My grandson is getting married in October and his fiance wants to have birdcages as centerpieces. I have been searching for ideas to decorate the birdcages, and I think this is a great idea!

  6. Vidya I absolutely love the colour. Gorgeous idea! I would love it if you would share this fab post at our WIW linky party. I hope you can join us!


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  8. Suddenly, I can’t wait for Spring, this is so beautiful.Thank you, for sharing the step by step instructions, love to learn the little tricks along the way, makes it easier when you get started & are half way thru’ wondering what do I do now 🙂