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So many of you reached out to me after my post on Friday. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I had taken a break from being online the last three days and it has done a world of good to me. Really appreciate all the support and love.

Lately I’ve been wanting to DIY some furniture. Not the refinishing kinda stuff but actually building things. It is gonna be a big leap of faith for both of us. So we’ve been procrastinating for like ever! In an effort to convince ourselves that we can tackle a furniture DIY I’ve been pinning a lot of beginner level DIY’d furniture on Pinterest. You know, like this industrial shelf that Deanne and Reed from the blog,  Crafter Meets Craftsman made out of wood planks and galvanized pipes.

industrial shelving, bookshelf made from pipes,DIY Furniture


Or this $18 console table made from scratch by Caitlin from Desert Domicile.

diy console table, industrial console table

Ever since I saw my blog friend Jae (remember her from this guest post?) from Design OCD make this tree stump side table I’ve been on Craigslist alert to find a similar tree stump.

tree stump side table

In the plans is also a desk like this one from Aubrey and Lindsay’s Little House Blog for my craft nook.

diy office desk,DIY Furniture


What do you think? Any of these doable? Have you made any furniture before?



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  1. If anyone can do it I’m positive it’s you. It would be another feather to your hat!!! I love the tree stump stool.looks so organic yet modern. I also have an eye for the crate shelf. Go for it, eagerly waiting for those posts!