Inspiring Spaces – Walk in Closet

All you ladies and men, ready for a drool fest? How I wish I had the space for at least one of these walk in closets and of course all those clothes /accessories to fill it up! So today let’s take a dream trip to a world where we all have enough to space to own/create a walk in closet like this! All pics courtesy Houzz.

Ever thought of an island in the middle of your closet? When you think about it does make sense; a place to lay down your outfits or jewelry to see which goes better with what.

And a bench to sit down as you wear your shoes. This however is not a big deal for us as our shoes are in the garage or mud room closet ‘coz we have a no shoes inside the house policy.

Speaking of seating the next one even has a desk and chair, perfect for putting on make up. Though I think the monitor and the phone might be a bit too much. 🙂

All those perfectly arranged shelves………Oh, I wish I could keep mine as organized!

While we are at it maybe we should look into some organizing solutions like this rack for pants. Ain’t that a clever space saving idea?

This drawer might be the answer to my missing sock problem! But this also means folding laundry will take twice as longer as all I do now is dump the socks into a separate bin for each member of the household. It is usually up to the users to look up for pairs. 😉

Another genius idea, a kitchen cabinet spice rack style pullout cabinet for ties, watches, cuff links, and other knickknacks. I’m guessing there is room for belts too on the other side.

Last, built in hampers for soiled clothes. These would surely be a boon to folks like me, who take forever to get to their ‘hand wash only’ clothes. At least this way you don’t have to be reminded of it every time you open your closet door! 😉

How did you like the trip? How do you keep your closets organized? Mine are in pretty bad shape and apart from the std racks that the builder put in there is no useful storage or shelves. What the heck, I can’t even reach the top (only) shelf! My closet is one of the projects that I’m hoping to tackle this year.

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  1. Hey Vidya … Great post. Glad to know that there is another ‘hand wash’ martyr out there. I am not the only crazy lazy one